The Debonair Difference

Try When You Rent Service

Our formal wear consultants will make choosing well-coordinated, appropriate formal wear for your special occasion or wedding easy.

Our exclusive "try when you rent serviceTM" eliminates the guess work you will encounter when booking through a catalogue store. We'll dress you head- to- toe in the style of your choice and customize your look from our extensive collection of vests, ties and footwear.

You won't experience the disappointment of discovering the garment you have chosen is not what you expected on pick-up day

The fact that we have thousands of garments on site also ensures last minute adjustments are handled on the spot. Out-of-town party members always require adjustments; at other stores you'll be making a return trip, often the morning of the wedding. At Debonair our on site inventory enables us to make the adjustments and substitutions in minutes. If you have out of town party members Debonair is your only choice for a stress free experience.

A Better Quality Product

Our Signature line is without a doubt the highest quality tuxedo you can rent. Made by Canada's premier manufacturer, they compare to the finest quality garments for purchase in the best downtown men's wear stores. The good news is the difference in cost of renting a cheaply made tuxedo elsewhere, to the best, Debonair Signature tuxedo is well within your budget.

You'll leave our store looking like you just walked out of the finest men's wear establishment, in a light weight garment that is cool, comfortable and sophisticated.

We're Passionate About Making Sure You Look Good!

At Debonair we believe dressing our customers for the great occasions of their lives is both an honor and a great responsibility. We understand formal wear. The tuxedo you chose for grad would probably not be your choice for a wedding. Your choice for a wedding might not be what you would wear to a New Years Gala. Our experienced consultants will guide you through our many options and find the perfect garment for your event, be it a graduation, wedding or party.

Some companies primarily cater to graduation looks. At Debonair we specialize in quality wedding styles to ensure you look timelessly debonair.

At pick-up time we take the time to show you how to wear the garment and ensure everything fits. Last minute adjustments are handled quickly while you wait.

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