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Should You Rent or Buy a Suit for a Wedding? Top Factors to Consider

If you are heading to a wedding, you probably wonder whether you should rent or buy a suit. This article will give you detailed information to help you decide whether you should spring for the custom suit or rent something for a one-time event.

Wearing a proper suit to a wedding is an essential part of checking “yes” on your next RSVP card. Whether you are attending your wedding or that of a friend or family member, you have to look the part. One of the biggest dilemmas people face, especially young men, is deciding whether to rent or buy a suit for a wedding.

That choice is based on several factors, including your budget, how often you plan to wear suits in the future, sustainability, maintenance, and customization.

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Rent vs Buy Suit for Wedding: What to Consider

You are trying to decide between renting and buying, but there are a few factors to consider.

The budget factor

For many people, the decision to rent or buy a suit for a wedding comes down to budget. Not everyone has the ability to buy a suit outright, and they may not have the occasion to wear a suit in the future, so paying a smaller fee to rent could be an ideal solution.

Buying a Suit

Renting a Suit

Basic suit-only average cost



Average cost for features like top lapels and double vents




Shoes, shirts, ties, and cufflinks are often not included, and cost extra

Shoes are often not included, and cost extra


Only have to get a fitting once

Have to drive to fittings each time you rent a suit

Extra fees

Custom tailoring comes at a price

You are charged a rush fee if you rent a suit a few days before your event.

You might be charged a late fee or an extended rental fee.

There is a deposit required when you reserve.

Frequency of use

As mentioned, a big part of the decision to rent a tux or buy a suit for wedding occasions is also influenced by how often you might use it.

It is up to you to examine all occasions where your suit could be reused and to see if it's worth the investment. For example, suits can be worn:

  • To operas

  • On Broadway

  • Out to dinner

  • To formal business meetings

  • To church

  • To baptisms

  • To other weddings

  • To social events

  • Out to casinos

  • To date nights, or live shows

If you believe that you'll have a legitimate occasion to wear your suit regularly long after the wedding, perhaps even on the honeymoon, it might be worth the investment to buy. Fit and customization

When choosing to rent or buy wedding suit options, you have to consider customization. While rental suits are certainly cheaper compared to the overall cost of buying a suit, rental suits also fail to offer a perfect fit. This means that what you end up walking down the aisle could detract from your overall physique, your confidence, and how you look in all of the wedding pictures that you will look back on for decades to come.

If you buy a suit, it can be customized to your liking, designed with fabrics, patterns, and colors that accentuate what your bride-to-be or her bridesmaids are wearing, and you can have it tailored to your body type. No man walks down the aisle free from nerves, but you can help stifle those nerves by knowing you look and feel your best.

man in a suit with a measuring tape close-up

Style and trends

When renting vs buying a suit for wedding occasions, you also have to consider changing fashions and how that might impact your decision. Many people believe that renting a suit is a much faster and easier way to get their hands on a modern trend, but buying a suit can be beneficial for a timeless style.

Tailored and customized suits can be worn throughout the decades with minor modifications to things like:

  • Shoes

  • Ties or bowties

  • Vests

  • Colored or patterned shirts

  • Cufflinks

You can invest in several dress shirts and a few different vests and have the option to mix and match styles, patterns, fabrics, and colors based on where you are going.


When you look to rent or buy a suit for wedding occasions, you don't have nearly as much control over the quality if you are renting. You are subject to whatever is available in a given warehouse. Moreover, even if the material is good quality, it is likely something that has been rented many times before, and as such, the quality may have diminished over time.

If you purchase your suit, you can choose the quality, fabric, material, or pattern. You have complete control over how long you want your ensemble to last, and you can trust that it will meet all of your needs and reflect your personality.


For many people, deciding whether they should buy or rent a suit for wedding occasions also means considering sustainability. Look at the environmental impact of renting vs. buying a suit for wedding occasions. You'll find that upfront, renting a suit seems like a better option because you won't be acquiring new material and instead will use a form of recycling.

On the other hand, if you have a custom suit made for your next occasion, you have better control over the type of material, and you can choose blends like polyester and wool that are more comfortable and breathable and have a lower environmental footprint.

Aftercare and maintenance

If you rent vs buy suits for wedding events, you have to consider aftercare and maintenance. If you buy a suit, it's up to you to take care of it, and that includes storing it in a proper bag in your closet with protection against dampness and bugs. It also means knowing how to clean it, especially if you walk away from a formal event with a stain.

By comparison, rented suits don't require much maintenance on your behalf, nor do you have to find a place to store them and take care of them long-term. This might be a good option if you don't have space to properly care for a suit yet.

suits in cases hanging on hangers

Final Thoughts

When it comes to attending weddings, especially those of close family and friends, dressing up in style is required. But renting vs a suit for wedding occasions can be a difficult decision. What you choose should be based on your available budget, how often you'll wear suits outside of those weddings, your personal preferences, and more. If you choose to buy a suit, you'll have plenty of control over the quality, the style, and how well it fits your form. Knowing your body type and working with a tailor can give you a customized look that boosts your confidence every time you put it on.

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