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How to Choose a Suit for Your Body Type? The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Oct 27, 2023


Choosing the perfect suit is not limited to picking the right style or grabbing something off a hanger. It's about figuring out how to choose a suit for your body type and picking something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Wearing a properly fitted suit can make all the difference whether you are heading into an important business meeting or attending your best friend's wedding. Finding the best suit for your body type and fashion preference means understanding what type of suit compliments your body shape. This article will go over why selecting a suit hangs on being able to pick the best suit fit for body type.

Why choosing a suit that fits one's body type is crucial

Choosing the best suit fit for your body type is essential if you want to look good and, as a consequence, feel good. Properly fitted suits for different body types can enhance or undermine your appearance and confidence.

For example, a poorly fitted suit that hangs too far off the shoulders can make you look like you are hunching and not holding yourself upright and give you a gangly appearance that is sure to undermine your self-esteem at your next business meeting or formal outing.

By comparison, picking the best suit styles for body types means you'll have something that flatters your waist, shoulders, thighs, and build to accent what matters most and be discreet about things you don't wish to flaunt. This can leave you walking around with the confidence and bravado that you have earned.

a man in a suit takes measurements of a new suit

How can body type influence your suit choice?

So how does body type influence the choice of suit? You can find a wide array of suits, including off-the-rack, slim fit, regular fit, or tailored suits. But the right color, pattern, suit style, fit, and color have an effect on where people look when they first notice you.

Depending on your body type, there might be places where you don't want people to notice right away or places where you do, and that's why it's important to embrace the type of body shape you have and find a suit that accentuates or de-emphasizes certain features.

Almost all body types can benefit from tailored suits, whereas some body types might look better with a slim fit versus a regular fit.

Triangle Body Type

If you have a triangle body type, your hips are wider than your shoulders, making the bottom of the triangle your waist and the top of the triangle your chest.


  • The best suit fit for your body type here is one that has structured shoulders so that your frame looks square.

  • You also want single-breasted suits that make your waist taper inward from the shoulders and create a naturally narrower look.

  • Pick wide, straight-leg trousers that will offer a better silhouette.

  • Avoid skinny trousers or tapered trousers, as well as double-breasted suits that add bulk to the bottom of your triangle.

Muscular Body Type

If you have a muscular build, you have the exact opposite of a triangle body type, with the top of your triangle across your broad shoulders pointing downward as it heads to your hips.


  • Suits for different body types can bring better balance to the inverted triangle. Notch lapels and soft shoulders will add uniformity to the contours of your body.

  • Slim fit, single-breasted jackets, or a better way to show off the inverted triangle shape so long as they don't cinch too tightly around the waist.

  • Go for a subtle taper in your pants but not skinny pants.

Oval Body Type

The oval body type takes on an oval shape in the midsection with a slightly smaller crest along the chest.


  • Herringbone or pinstripe designs can help create vertical lines but steer clear of large horizontal patterns that might add to your visual size.

  • Peak lapels naturally bring the eye up and away from the rounder midsection, which makes these designs better suited for different body types, like the oval body type.

  • The best suit styles for body types like these are single-breasted suits with a pocket square so as to draw attention up to the chest and away from the waist.

  • Wide and straight-leg trousers help balance the overall appearance as well.

Broad Body Type

The broad body type is just that, Broad, and that means the shoulders are a bit broader than the waist.


  • As this is a more athletic build, the best suit for body type styles like this can be bold colors and patterns as well as different combinations of fabrics.

  • This is one of the few occasions where a slim-fit suit can accentuate narrow hips or waist measurements.

  • But you should still avoid a waste that is cinched too far or aggressively tapered pants.

suit hanging

Column Body Type

The column body type means you have the same width in the hips as you do the chest and shoulders.


  • While there are suits for different body types, you should invest in the single-breasted jacket with the column body type, which creates a nice silhouette that's broad at the shoulders and Tighter at the waist. Steer clear of the double-breasted.

  • You can add padding to your jacket if you want to increase the broadness of the shoulders but be sure to have it tailored professionally to get rid of any bagginess, especially in the sleeves.

  • Avoid straight trousers as these can detract from the column shape, and instead, settle for professionally tapered trousers that accent your form.

Final Thoughts

In summation, it's important to embrace your current body type and figure out how to express your style confidently with the best suit fit for your body type. No matter your body type, you can have a professional tailor customize your off-the-rack, slim fit, or regular suit to accentuate all of the right areas of your body and draw attention where you want it. This will help you confidently walk into your next business meeting, social event, or wedding.

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