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Unlocking the Secrets of Suit Colour Combination: A Stylist's Perspective

This article will provide readers with valuable insights and guidance on the art of suit color combination, enabling them to make informed and stylish choices when selecting suit colors and coordinating them with shirts and ties.

Introduction to suit colour combination

Mastering the art of suit color combination is crucial for achieving a polished and stylish appearance, and it can be approached with creativity and confidence by considering personal style, skin tone, and the rules of color coordination.

But how do you select the right suit color combinations for a stylish and impactful look?

suit colour combination

How the choice of suit colors impacts appearance, image, and overall style

Finding the best colour combination for men's suits is important because it can ensure you fit in with the formality of the occasion and help you look your best.

A combination of suit colour can create a polished and cohesive look. The right suit colour can be any of the following:

Complementary colors

Complementary colours are those that complement one another on the colour spectrum.

Monochromatic elegance

Monochromatic suits are those that stick to a single colour, and they are best for elegant, formal events.

Contrast and bold statements

You can, however, pick a suit colour combination that is contrasting and makes a bold statement.

Best color combinations for men's suits

Navy and white

Navy and white is one of the best combinations for men's suits. A navy suit with a white shirt is the most popular choice.

Navy blue is popular because it evokes trust. It's a color that puts people at ease and speaks well of loyalty, which makes it great for business meetings in particular. Navy blue can make people appear more youthful, so it's great for older gentlemen who want to convey a slightly younger feel to their ensemble.

Charcoal gray and light blue

Charcoal gray is equally as popular because it's slightly less formal and domineering compared to black, but it still speaks of charm, dedication, and formality. Charcoal gray can make people look slightly older, so it's ideal for younger men who want to bolster their appearance.

Black and silver

Black suits with silver accessories and shirts are some of the better options for men with darker complexions and darker hair. These can be very complementary combinations for very formal events, social functions, and galas.

Classic gray and burgundy

There are several shades of gray, but the classic gray or Cambridge Gray is one of the most versatile. It's a highly versatile addition to any wardrobe, and it pairs extremely well with burgundy shirts and accessories, making a darker statement that draws the eye without the suit colour being overwhelmingly powerful and dominant.

burgundy suit colot combinations

The versatility of beige and blue

Blue and beige are slightly opposite to the navy and white combination. With a beige suit, you have great options for summer where you can be more relaxed slightly less formal, without being any form of domineering or overpowering in what you wear. You can also pair the lighter-coloured suit with navy blue shirts and accessories that make you look trusting and calm.

Significance of one's personal style and skin tone

When you are looking for the best colours combination for men's suits, you need to be aware of your style and your skin tone.

For example:

  • If you have pale skin, a beige and blue suit might make you look even paler, bringing out undertones that you don’t want to be highlighted. By comparison, a lighter, darker suit colour combination like classic gray and burgundy or navy and white will highlight your skin tone very well.

  • If you have a darker skin tone, a lighter suit such as the charcoal gray and light blue or beige and blue will highlight your skin tone much more than the black and silver would.

Skin tone is often divided into warm or cold tones.

Those with warm-toned skin have greener veins and a yellow undertone to their skin, with a lot of warmth in their hair, skin, and eye colour. The best suit colour combination for warm skin tones consists of things like olive green suits or other warm and complimentary colours.

Those with cool-toned skin have blue or veins, with pink undertones to the skin, lighter eye colour, and ashy hair colour. The best colour combination for men's suits in these situations is cooler-toned suits like blues or silver.

However, there's no specific rule, and if you try on a suit and you like the way it looks, don't be afraid to accessorize and move forward even if it doesn't fall under the category of warm-toned or cool-toned for your skin.

Selecting suit color combinations for various occasions

In addition to picking the best colour combination for suits based on your skin tone and personal style, you'll also need to consider the occasion.

Navy blue

Navy blue is the most popular colour for several occasions, including business meetings, weddings, and social events.

Navy blue suir color combination

Charcoal gray

Charcoal gray is the second most popular for the same types of events, such as weddings, casual dinners, and business meetings.

Classic gray

Classic gray is great for formal events such as dinner parties, weddings, business meetings, gala's, and even Black Tie optional events.


Black doesn't work as well with every skin tone as it can easily wash out someone with very pale skin and a warm complexion, but it offers a stark contrast with any other accessories or colours. It's wonderful to have for formal events, anything with a black tie dress code, or funerals.


Beige is a wonderful color for summer events and slightly less formal gatherings. It's also ideal for work if you don't need to appear overpowering and want to maintain neutrality.

Summing Up

When choosing the best suit colour combination, remember that your choices should be an expression of your personal style. There are several popular colour combinations for suit and shirts or accessories that can highlight whatever attribute you want to be highlighted, fit with the formality of your event, and compliment your skin tone. Don't be afraid to explore and experiment with different combinations to express your unique style.

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