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How to Choose Groomsmen Attire? Key Considerations

Choosing the right groomsmen attire is an important aspect of planning a wedding. It contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the event and ensures that the groom and his groomsmen look their best. When choosing the best groomsmen attire, there are several key considerations to make.

Groomsmen Suits


Being asked to serve as a groomsman is a significant honor, but it's also an undertaking. Groomsmen have many duties when it comes to a wedding. Officially their duties start with attending the wedding ceremony and being a part of the wedding party when the couple says, “I do.”

Other rules include helping pick the right ring, choosing the right groomsmen attire, planning a bachelor party, attending the rehearsal dinner, sending a gift, decorating the getaway car, and being there on the big day to serve in any required capacity.

So how do you figure out what the groomsmen should wear? And why does their attire matter?

Groomsmen can traditionally get away with wearing suits or tuxedos to match or compliment what the groom is wearing. This can ensure cohesion, especially in all of the wedding photos. But selecting groomsmen attire is based on several factors like the formality of the event, the venue, and even the season.

Remember that groomsmen have eyes on them throughout the entire wedding, so choosing the right attire for the groomsmen is essential. It will also help cement good memories in the form of all your formal wedding photos.

Are suits required?

When figuring out how to choose groomsmen attire, it's up to the bride and groom to determine the personal way they want their wedding party to look. Some couples opt for groomsmen to have open collars without a tie or to wear a vest instead of a suit jacket. It depends on who the wedding party members are, what everyone's comfortable wearing, and what the wedding theme is.

Should the groomsmen match?

Traditionally groomsmen all match in some way by wearing the same types of suits, the same colors, or the same accessories. It's equally important that they match the bridesmaids in some way to add uniformity to wedding events and photos.

However, some people might prefer having pairs of Bridesmaids and groomsmen match such that one bridesmaid might be wearing a dress with a shrug and her respective groomsmen might be wearing a suit with a vest, whereas another pair might be wearing a dress with gold bracelets and shoes while her respective groomsmen are wearing gold cufflinks and pocket squares.

What about the best man?

Usually, the best man has one small detail about his ensemble that helps distinguish him in his role. It's not a requirement, but it can be something as simple as having a different bow tie, lapel pin, or cufflinks.

How to Choose Groomsmen Attire

How to choose groomsmen attire?

When you are figuring out how to coordinate groomsmen attire, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

Wedding theme

Firstly, consider the wedding theme. Is it a formal event with black, white, and gold? In that case, figuring out how to choose groomsmen suits comes down to tuxedos or very formal black suits, with hints of gold in the form of pocket squares or ties.

If the wedding is very formal, tuxedos can provide the epitome of style and sophistication, but dark green or black suits can be equally effective.

These small details are essential to picking wedding suits for groomsmen. Knowing the theme can help you decide which colors, materials, and prints would be most appropriate for the following:

  1. Suit material

  2. Shits

  3. Ties

Less formal weddings, like beach weddings during the day, demand breathable linen suits, usually in a light beige color for groomsmen, with accessories to coincide with other elements of the theme, like hints of teal or violet.

Picking casual fabrics and choosing suits instead of tuxedos can be a good choice for weddings that take place in warmer months of the year, outside, or during the day.

Consideration of venue and season

When determining how to choose groomsmen attire, you also want to look at the venue and the season.

For example, the beach wedding in the middle of summer might need linen, whereas the Winter Wonderland wedding in December might need wool suits.

Look at the venue: will the wedding take place on a boat, in a small church, outside, around wildlife? The type of venue might lend some insight into the types of groomsmen suits you want.

Synchronizing with bridesmaid's attire

Perhaps the most important consideration for groomsmen suits has to do with synchronizing with the bridesmaid attire. This synchronization usually takes the form of the accessories men wear and not the suit material or color.

For example, where bridesmaids might be wearing red dresses, the groomsmen might be required to wear red vests or bow ties.

Synchronizing with the groom’s attire

It's also important to reflect the groom's style with the wedding suits for groomsmen. This can take many forms. Some men want the groomsmen suits to match what they are wearing for the wedding, whereas others want to simply complement.

Comfort and personal preferences of the groomsmen

To some degree, figuring out how to coordinate groomsmen attire means taking into consideration the comfort and personal preferences of your groomsmen. After all, you probably want to remain friends with them after the wedding.

Wedding Suits for Groomsmen

This can mean giving them a list of ways in which you want to synchronize and then letting them choose individual ways to do that or letting them pick the type of suit material based on budget but then providing matching accessories.

Summing Up

Figuring out how to choose groomsmen suits can be overwhelming at first, but it doesn't have to be. Groomsmen attire matters because it's a significant piece of the full wedding party, which is why it's important to consider things like the wedding theme, the venue, and how you want the groomsmen to synchronize with bridesmaids or other wedding party members.

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