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Styling a Black Suit for Wedding: Creative Twists for a Casual Affair

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

This article will help educate and inspire individuals considering a black suit for a wedding, offering practical styling advice and creative ideas tailored to casual wedding settings.

man in black wedding suit

The permanence of black suits

You’ve probably heard that black matches everything. Black is classy enough that it can be worn just about anywhere. It works well as a neutral base color, too, which you can class up with creative twists for a casual affair.

A black suit for a wedding never goes out of style, but you can wear it confidently to a wedding by making some changes to:

Black suits offer timeless elegance, especially at weddings. However, there has been a shift from more formal events to casual weddings as of late, and that brings with it the need for creative styling to match.

Evolution of wedding dress code

A black suit, while normally a formal affair, can be styled creatively for more casual weddings, blending your personal style with considerations for the season and venue. The result? A contemporary but appropriate ensemble that draws the eye without being overbearing.

For several factors, including COVID-19, many people turned to casual backyard weddings, the kind that didn't require shoes or a stuffy ensemble. These types of designs and venues have caught on in popularity, encouraging bridal parties and groomsmen to consider changing a traditional black wedding suit into a colorful and stylish statement piece.

Casual affairs are redefining style norms. With it, you need to explore the creative twists for the classic black suit:

black wedding suit

Playing with shirt colors and patterns

When it comes to the shirt, you have the most flexibility to make a statement and bring something understated and comfortable to your black suit. The best way to match a shirt to your black suit is to pick achromatic shirts like:

  • White

  • Pale blue

  • Light pink

  • Pastels

  • Beige

  • Silver or gray

  • Patterns

  • Prints

Why these pastel shades or prints? Because you can effortlessly mix tonal accessories without being too much of a contrast.

Because black is, well, black, your goal in shirts should be to pair it with a combination that works best, like a white or subtle color hue.

White is the natural go-to and has been for decades. A well-tailored white shirt can make you look modern and slim. But soft shades of pink, lavender, or blue can also work well.

Blue shorts offer a gentle contrast with more opportunity for patterns and complementary tie colors. Don’t overdo things with a dark blue; keep it light.

Pastels can be more flattering for your skin tone, and as a bonus, you can match darker-colored ties to boost.

Prints and patterns like small dots or slim stripes can stand out against the empty backdrop of the men's black wedding suit and achromatic shirt.

accessories for wedding suit

Accessorizing to stand out

As mentioned, you can pick something like tonal accessories to blend with the achromatic shirt and bring a whole new creative concept to your wardrobe.

Be wary of primary colored ties, like a bold green or red, as these often contrast the deep black of the suit. You can consider, instead, a light gray shirt with silver ties, cufflinks, and other accessories if you choose with your black wedding suit.

Footwear choices

And speaking of accessories, don’t forget about footwear. While a traditional black wedding suit might go with shiny tuxedo-style black shoes, you can toss those back into your closet for a casual affair.

Instead, with a black suit for a wedding, consider less formal footwear options that work with your shirt and accessories, like fun sneakers with the same colored laces as the tie or shirt you pick, or even casual sandals for beach weddings.

black suit for wedding

Layering beyond the traditional

At more casual events, the black suit can still take on the personality of a formal ensemble, which might not be the goal of casual weddings. That’s where layering comes in.

With layering, you can add the following:

  • Vests

  • Jackets

  • Blazers

These can pair well with white shirts or very lightly colored shirts, especially if you pick a white shirt with a patterned vest of a similar hue.

If you live in a cold climate or are attending a wedding in the winter, layering can be your best friend.

Factors to consider when styling men's black wedding suits for casual affairs

When picking footwear, shirt color, and accessories, you need to be aware of several factors.

Venue and setting

Think of the venue and setting. Is the wedding a particular theme? Is it taking place on a beach or in a forest? This might determine footwear.

The colors selected for accessories or shirts might clash if the wedding is themed in turquoise and pink and you pick a navy blue tie.

Seasonal influences

There are seasonal influences to be considered when styling men's black wedding suits, primarily when you pick layers and colors. If it will be a casual springtime affair, a blazer and vest might not be necessary.

Personal style and comfort

Are you going to be hot or feel too constricted on the dance floor with a tightly fitting vest or jacket? Then ditch it.

If you really look good with a nice summer tan and pink shirt, then go for it.

If you aren’t comfortable mixing and matching prints, avoid them.

Be aware of what you like, not just what’s popular. You should always look and feel your best when you dress for a wedding in a men's black wedding suit, and that extends to feeling comfortable with how you look.

Summing Up

Men's black wedding suits are classic and never go out of style. Investing in a simple black wedding suit prepares you for weddings, dinners, theater performances, and much more. The best part is that with a men's black wedding suit, you have so much more room for creativity in every other part and with just about every other color.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and make your wedding suit memorable on your memorable day.

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