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Tuxedo Trends for 2023: What's Hot in Formal Wear

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

The tuxedo has always been a classic staple of formal wear for men, but like all fashion items, it changes with time. Now it's time to look at tuxedo trends for 2023 and learn what's hot in the world of formal fashion.

The classic tuxedo has remained a staple of men's formal wear since the Gilded Age, and no man can picture the famous James Bond without also seeing his iconic tuxedos. But all formal wear goes through trends, and this article aims to help you update your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends so that as you prepare for upcoming events like weddings, formal gatherings, or award ceremonies, you will be sure to look the part.

Today tuxedo trends have taken top concepts from multiple decades in the tuxedo's rich and vibrant history. And understanding what's hot in formal wear today means taking a look at how tuxedos have evolved over the last few decades.

man in tuxedo

How Tuxedos Have Evolved

2023 isn't the only year to boast dramatic changes involving the tuxedo. The tuxedo came about in 1865 as an alternative to the tailcoat, and ever since then, it has ridden the waves of fashion trends.

Originally, tuxedos were accompanied by the shawl collar and white accessories, including gloves, vests, bow ties, and scarves.

Around the turn of the century, tuxedos became widely popular throughout America, perfect for private country clubs and dinner parties.

In the 1930s, the current tuxedo trends were crafted from the finest fabrics and popularized for their authenticity, harkening to a better time. It was the 1930s that made midnight blue tuxedos more popular than black tuxedos and Incorporated the brand new double-breasted tuxedo jacket. At this time, white tuxedo jackets worn with black pants became acceptable formal wear in warmer climates.

By the 1950s, the latest tuxedo trends included black tie styles as the go-to ensemble for high society events, weddings, and movie premieres, with ruffle shirt designs, shorter jackets, and polyester fabrics taking the lead. The era of disco brought tuxedo trends like floppy bow ties, shirts with lace and ruffles, bell bottom pants, and colorful patterns for tuxedo jackets. but by the 1980s, the conservative tuxedo was back in style.

So what are the tuxedo trends 2023 has to offer?

Top Tuxedo Trends for 2023

This year the trending tuxedo styles you can expect at your next formal event, wedding, or night out include more earthly neutral tones, the double-breasted tuxedo of old, and textured fabrics.

Return to classic black

This year, tuxedo trends are returning to the classic black. While there was a great deal of experimentation and the early 2000s brought a return of the midnight blue, formal tuxedos have reverted to their original black today.

Earthy neutrals

Trending tuxedo styles don't beholden you to the stark contrast between black and white. This year there is an increase in earthy neutrals, especially for the bow tie and the shirts.

Similarly, there has been an increased demand for tan tuxedos jackets and pants that are slim fit with two button closures and notch lapel designs. That same notch lapel with flap pockets and side vent designs can be a fashion statement in a light gray color.

Bold colors and patterns

But you don't have to stick with neutral beige and white as your accessory color to the rich black dinner jacket. Tuxedo trends 2023 indicate that bold colors and patterns from the 1970s are also making an appearance. If you aren't comfortable with a bold pattern on your black tuxedo jacket or trousers, you can always stick with a bold pattern or color for a vest or cummerbund underneath.

Geometric ties

While you were traditionally stuck with a bow tie, oversized or otherwise, now tuxedo trends give you the freedom to integrate geometric ties with your tuxedo, especially if you are mixing it with a vest.

Some of the most popular designs this year are classic suits that have a slight twist, featuring subtle pinstripes or checkered patterns to incorporate individuality with a matching pocket square, bow tie, or regular tie

Double-breasted tuxedos

Another of the current tuxedo trends is a shout-out to the 1930s with an increase in the double-breasted tuxedo jacket.

man buttoning his jacket

Mixing textures

Mixing textures are some of the top current tuxedo trends, and they allow for that quintessentially formal appearance of the wool dinner jacket with silk accessories.

Traditional tuxedos today are imbued with elegance and beauty, featuring satin lapels, satin pockets, and a wool jacket and trousers.

Many modern tuxedo designs include a combination of wool, spandex, and stretch polyester so that suits are lightweight and more comfortable, ideal for the hotter seasons of the year or warmer climates.

Textured fabrics

But of course, the latest tuxedo trends don't relegate mixing textures to the bottom of the list. They also allow you to integrate textured fabrics. Textured fabrics are more akin to the original designs of ruffled shirts and patterned textures, and they give you an increased aesthetic of formality while doing away with some of the traditional rigidity of a tuxedo.

Why Follow the Latest Tuxedo Trends?

Staying current with trending tuxedo styles helps you buy clothes that make a statement no matter where you go. The latest tuxedo trends help you stay relevant in your fashion choices while also making it easier to decide what clothes work best for you at any given time.

Understanding tuxedo trends 2023 will help you figure out which parts of your existing wardrobe can just be modified or upgraded and when it's time to rent or buy a new, tailored tuxedo. There are so many options today for reviving a traditional, classic black tuxedo with modified buttons, lapels, fabrics, or even a tie. But if you are ready to be bold and show off your personality at your next formal event, don't be afraid of a light gray or patterned fabric, such as a polyester and wool blend that gives you more room to breathe.

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