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Summer Wedding Suits Ideas: A Comprehensive Guide for Grooms

When it comes to summer weddings, grooms are faced with the task of finding the perfect suit: a combination of something that looks stylish but is also comfortable to wear in warmer weather. We review considerations for finding the ideal summer wedding suits.

Summer Wedding Suit


Are you looking for hot weather summer wedding suits for grooms? Many brides dream of a stylish, elegant beach or summer wedding, but that puts men in a tricky spot: what options are there for summer wedding suits for grooms and groomsmen? What material is best without compromising elegance? We review the different suit types, materials, and color choices and teach how to accessorize with a summer wedding suit.


Higher temperatures mean you need suitable summer wedding groom suit ideas that are light enough. Thick, multi-layered wool suits can weigh you down in the warmer weather, while colors like black or brown, while traditional, could exacerbate the sun’s rays, leaving you cooking in your own suit.

Even if temperatures don't seem exceptionally high, if you are getting married outdoors and standing in direct sunlight without any canopy overhead for protection, it's incredible how quickly you'll become uncomfortable in a hot wool suit. That's why temperature is a factor in choosing the type of material and style of your summer wedding suit.


When there is high humidity in the air, it means the air is retaining a lot of moisture. Your body fights even harder to cool down because the moisture put out through sweat doesn't evaporate into the air because the air is already full of water. So what ends up happening is you regularly sweat with no end in sight.

No one wants to be a sweaty groom waiting for his bride, so instead, you need to consider breathable fabrics that will help with airflow and wicking.

Outdoor Settings

If your wedding takes place outdoors, you need to consider summer wedding suit ideas that blend into the environment, match the rest of the wedding party, and are ideal for the space in terms of style. Traditional three-piece black tuxedos might not be the way to go if your wedding is taking place on top of a mountain or in a casual backyard setting.

How to choose a summer wedding suit

So how do you find the perfect summer wedding suit? There are a few things you need to consider:

Breathable Fabrics

The best hot weather summer wedding suits for groom and groomsmen attendees will include breathable and comfortable summer fabrics. Not all materials are the same, and while wool is traditional and very comfortable, in the hotter summer months, you need things like linen and lightweight cotton.

Both of these provide better breathability, which is especially important in areas with high humidity, outdoor spaces like a beach, or anywhere with hot temperatures.

Popular Suit Colors

The nice thing about summer wedding suit ideas is that you can usually pick different colors than you would any other time of the year. It's common to choose a light gray or beige against an outdoor setting.

Summer Wedding Suit Ideas

These colors are better for myriad reasons, not least of which is the fact that they don't reflect and trap sunlight the same as a dark black or brown suit would, so you get to stay cooler in hotter or humid conditions.

Tip: For summer weddings, opt for light gray, beige, khaki, tonal blue, or even white if you are willing.

Suit Styles

With summer wedding suits, you can choose more casual single-breasted suits instead of double-breasted suits. You get to do away with a vest if you prefer, taking away one more item that would add to the bulk and the heat for an outdoor setting. Two-piece suits are a better pick over traditional three-piece suits for that same level of comfort and breathability that you want in hotter weather.

Suit styles are typically more casual with relaxed outdoor weddings in the summer, like a backyard wedding, beach wedding, or even a small wedding in the forest. Many of the best summer wedding suits for grooms who have a more casual wedding in the summer take on a single or double-breasted style without a vest, with lovely beige linen or equally breathable cotton fabric.

Tip: Barefoot with a linen suit is great for a beach wedding, but other summer weddings work well with the traditional two-piece suit.


Once you decide on the summer wedding suit style, color, and fabric, it is time to accessorize. In many cases, plain, bright colors like blue, pink, or red are the most popular for ties because they can easily match a flowery bridesmaid dress. Printed, patterned, or even paisley ties can be more adventurous and still match the colors of the rest of the bridal party.

Cufflinks that are small but simple and match the tie you wear and make the perfect complement to your overall ensemble.

Tip: Don't forget a pocket square. Traditionally the pocket square never matched the tie, but modern grooms are picking a monochrome look that pairs well with the rest of the bridal party.

You can still have a polished summer wedding suit with a light color and a linen fabric perfectly combined with loafers or more formal tan or brown shoes.

Summer Wedding Suits for Groom

But remember to bring your personal style into things.

  • As mentioned, if you're having a beach wedding, you might decide with your bride to both be barefoot on the sand.

  • If you and your bride-to-be are climbing up a mountain for your private ceremony, you might both don your favorite pair of hiking boots underneath your respective suit and dress.

  • If you're having a marina wedding, you might have boat shoes or flip-flops underneath.

It's your special day, so add your personal touch.

Summing Up

On your wedding day, it's essential to find good summer wedding suit ideas that capture the significance of the day and leave you feeling great. No matter what you choose, be sure to mix your personal style with seasonal appropriateness, choosing the suit style you prefer with summer-savvy accessories or colors that help you stay cool in direct sunlight.

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