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Degree in Style: Essential Tips for Nailing Your Graduation Suit Look

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

This article will empower graduates with essential tips for looking their best on this crucial day and extending the versatility of their graduation suits for various occasions.

graduiation suit look

Choosing suits for graduation

Choosing and wearing a graduation suit can be a tricky issue. Knowing how to nail your look for the graduation ceremony can help you feel the best on this significant occasion.

Graduation is not only a day of celebration, but it's usually a day of lots and lots of pictures. It's also the type of photo you'll refer to repeatedly, which means finding the right suit for graduation ceremony events is essential. But with so many graduation suits to choose from, it can be challenging to know what look is the perfect combination of class, formality, and personality.

This article will teach you which color choices to consider, what level of material is best for comfort and season, and, of course, how to pick the right fit and form.

Nailing your graduation suit look

Nailing your graduation suit ensemble comes down to picking the right colors, suitable suit materials, and a tailored option.

suits for graduation ceremony

Color choices

There are several colors from which to choose when it comes to your suit. The most popular color for a suit is navy blue, followed by dark gray.

Picking something other than black gives you a suit that you can return to time and time again for various events and one that you can alter drastically with a few simple changes to your accessories.

Light gray and blue are not just great colors for multiple skin tones; they are calming, and the people around you will view you as more trustworthy when you wear them. This is the perfect color for social events.

Charcoal gray is an equally dramatic color with a calming and relaxed feel while maintaining formality and structure. It's not as commanding or authoritative as black, which is great for graduation when you don't necessarily want to intimidate everyone else but you want to look your best and seem confident.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can go beyond these traditional colors and go for something like beige, light blue, or olive green.

These colors offer a chance to reverse the traditional patterns where you might have a light blue suit featuring a white shirt, white shoes, white cufflinks, and a white pocket square. A beige suit might be paired with a maroon shirt or something with a lot of pastels like pink and purple.

Suit materials and seasonality

The most popular material for graduation suits is wool. Wool is a natural spun fabric that is considered the best material for suits of all kinds. Wool is breathable, water resistant, flame resistant, and wrinkle resistant; it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

There are different levels of wool from which to choose, and you can even find blends if you prefer.

You can go with cashmere if you want something much softer and fancier. Cashmere is the epitome of class, but it's very formal, so it's not necessarily something you would wear to work but could absolutely get away with for graduation ceremonies and formal evening events.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is cotton, which is cheaper than wool and easier to care for, but it absorbs moisture. If you're someone who sweats a lot or your ceremony is taking place in the hot sun, this might not be a good fit. However, it works well with different body types, and it's the perfect fabric for semi-formal events.

If it's far too hot for that, you can consider linen. Although it stains and wrinkles very easily, how quickly it wrinkles is actually part of the charm of a linen suit, and no one expects it to be pristine. It's very breathable and ideal for a hot summer day.

graduation suit tailoring

Fit and form: Why tailoring is essential

It's essential to choose the proper cut for your suit, especially when you are picking things like the lapels or the single and double-breasted design.

If you are still determining what cut works best with your build, face, or height, you can work with a professional to have your suit tailored. Many people make the mistake of buying a generic suit when they could easily invest just a little bit more money in a tailored suit. Tailored suits can take into account different lengths in your legs or arms as well as different resting positions for your shoulders.

You will walk away from your graduation day feeling calm and collected in a custom suit tailored to your needs.

graduation suit accessories

Accessorizing with graduation suits

On graduation day, some of the highest levels of flexibility afforded to you take place with the accessories. A well-made suit is the frame for the accessory picture. You can choose from things:

  • Ties

  • Bowties

  • Shoes

  • Cufflinks

  • Pocket squares

  • Vests

  • Belts

All of these can be selected to complement the shirt or suit jacket color. You can go with a classy set of dark brown loafers with a matching leather belt, brown cufflinks, and a navy blue tie, and to top it all off, add something like a paisley or printed shirt with bright colors to really stand out in a crowd.

If you want something slightly more formal, you can go with a traditional dark gray suit, a light gray shirt, and a bold color for the cufflinks, pocket square, and tie.

Maintaining your suit

Once you invest in suits for graduation, you can follow a few simple maintenance tips to keep them ready to wear for future days:

  1. Always spot and clean any stains immediately.

  2. Have your suit dry-cleaned every couple of months.

  3. Store it in a garment bag hanging on a wooden hanger designed specifically for suits.

Summing Up

You can find great suits for graduation that fit your adventurous side or your more formal side. With so many color options, suit materials, and tailoring opportunities, you can make graduation suits that leave you looking your best on your special day.

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